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1. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants launches comprehensive package for Spine Fusion Surgery India

2. Medsurge Healthcare starts facilitation for stem cell therapy India

3. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants starts facilitation for kidney transplant Surgery India

Vasculary Surgery In India
Vasculary Surgery In India
Surgical correction of vascular defects is safe and effective for many patients in whom less invasive procedures are not adequate. The common conditions that need surgical interventions are Aneurysms & Varicose Veins.

The other less common vascular diseases which need surgical intervention are : -

- Arteriosclerosis obliterans
- Aortoiliac occlusive disease
- Superficial femoral occlusive disease
- Tibial artery disease
- Deep venous thrombosis

The centre offers surgical revascularization procedures that provide excellent outcomes for many patients at risk for loss of limb or seriously impaired quality of life.

Step 1

Under image guidance. the doctor passes a very small balloon through a thin tube (catheter) into the blood vessel to the site of the blockage

Step 2

The Cryoplasty balloon is filled with liquid nitrous oxide. which turns into a gas. The balloon expands and cools the plaque as it opens up the blockage.

Step 3

Once the blood vessel is opened the gas is released and the balloon is deflated and removed.