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1. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants launches comprehensive package for Spine Fusion Surgery India

2. Medsurge Healthcare starts facilitation for stem cell therapy India

3. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants starts facilitation for kidney transplant Surgery India

Pulmonary / Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonary / Respiratory Medicine
Respiratory Medicine deals with all diseases related to the lungs represented hospitals have a dedicated respiratory medicine department with a team of highly qualified doctors trained in treating complicated cases. The Broncoscopy procedure is done by Respiratory Physicians and use it for Bronchial wash, BroncoAlveolar Lavage (BAL), Bronchial Biopsy, Transbronchial Lung Biopsy (TBLB), Bronchial Brush Cytology under local, general anesthesia or under conscious sedation. Flexible Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy (FFB) & Rigid Bronchocopy is performed for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Bronchoscopic stenting and Video bronchoscopy are also performed with complicated procedures like insertion of Brachytherapy Catheters.