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Dr. Arvind Sharma - Opthalmology
Dr. Arvind Sharma - Opthalmology
Dr. Sharma graduated from Medical School in Ahmedabad in 1994. He completed his Masters in Ophthalmology in 1998, and since then has been working in Private practice as Consultant Eye Surgeon. He was In-charge and Chief Eye Surgeon of an Eye Hospital in Gujarat and has been a part of Eye Deptt. at Fortis since June 2002.

He has nearly 1800 surgeries and nearly 1000 laser procedures to his credit. He has special interest in "LASER TREATMENT FOR DIABETIC EYE DISEASE". He was involved with a Plastic surgeon and formed an "OCULOPLASTIC TEAM" for Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic surgery of Eyeball and related structures. He has pioneered a new and a safe "Modified BLUE MENTHOL's TECHNIQUE", called as "CATARACT SURGERY WITH PSEUDO-ACCOMODATIVE EFFECT." He has done more than 1000 surgeries with the new technique with very good results.

He has done nearly 25 Corneal Transplants independently, and more than one hundred as first Surgeon with World renowned Corneal Surgeon, Dr. Lavingia.