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Dr. Kaushal Pandey - Cardiology
Dr. Kaushal Pandey - Cardiology

Dr. Pandey brings to Wockhardt Heart Hospital a vast experience of performing more than ten thousand Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgeries in India .

During his five years stay in Australia, Dr. Pandey was exposed to about 3500 cases, out of which he himself performed 800 operations.

Dr. Pandey returned back to India in Feb 1991 and took up a Consultant's position in a leading hospital of Bombay. During his ten years stay at the Hospital Dr. Pandey did about 5800 cases, with an overall mortality rate as low as 2%. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery accounts for 80% of his cases, Valve surgery for 10% and Congenital Heart Surgery / Vascular Surgery accounts for 10% of his cases.
Surgical Expertise :

-TAR (Total Aortic Revascularisation). Most of the cases involve use of either   Single or Bilateral IMA graft in conjunction with either Single or Bilateral Radial   Artery Graft.
-Surgery of Infective Endocarditis.
-Aortic Aneurysms

Honours & Awards :

Dr. G. V. Karve for standing first in Surgery at M.B.B.S. examination.
Vinayak Jagannath Shanker Sheth prize for standing first at the    M.S.(Gen.Surgery examination.

Professional Qualifications & Fellowship :

-1975 - 1979 MBBS, B. J. Medical College, Pune.
-1981 - 1983 M.S. (General Surgery), Sassoon General Hospital, Pune. (1st   in    M.S.)
-1984 - 1985 M.Ch. (Cardio thoracic), Pune Chest Hospital (1st in University)
-1986 - 1988 Cardiac Surgery Training, Epworth Hospital, Melbourne.
-1988 - 1989 Registrar in Cardiac Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne    Hospital, Melbourne.
-1989 - 1990 Registrar in Cardiac Surgery, St. Vincent Hospital, Melbourne.
-1990 - 1991 Registrar in Cardiac Surgery. Specialized training in   pediatric    cardiac, aortic homografts, valve repair and cardiac transplant    surgery, The    Prince CharlesHospital, Brisbane.