Medsurge Healthcare Consultants has been instrumental in helping international patients get the best quality healthcare in India. The top notch Indian facilities has been providing the best medical treatment to the patients coming for surgeries like Hip Replacement, Knee replacement, Low cost Spine Surgery, Affordable and sure shot treatment with Stem Cell Therapy in India. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants have formed alliance with the best doctors and surgeons in India trained from the UK and USA to provide the best medical facilities to the patients coming to India. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants, with their unique cost control formula, gets you the best medical treatment with the best named surgeons in India. To know more about low cost spine surgery in India, Hip Replacement Surgery or stem cell therapy in India please email us on


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1. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants launches comprehensive package for Spine Fusion Surgery India

2. Medsurge Healthcare starts facilitation for stem cell therapy India

3. Medsurge Healthcare Consultants starts facilitation for kidney transplant Surgery India

Cosmetic Surgery In India
Cosmetic Surgery In India
The way you look can alter your personality and your life. Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery centre is dedicated especially to fulfill this requirement. The effects of stress, age and pollution have a definite impact on your body. Now, cosmetic surgery is a boon to persons who want to change certain things in the way they look or regain their youthful contour. Apart from this certain professions like modeling and glamour demand a beautiful body. But a beautiful body is not a prerogative of these professions only. Post thirties, aging shows on the body. Getting the perfect body is just about going to the cosmetic surgeon. represented Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery centres have a team of skilled surgeons. From facelift, breast augmentation/reduction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty to liposuction, this centre is dedicated to offer comprehensive treatment of all cosmetic surgeries under one roof. A minor operation carried out can change the course of your life.

Postoperative surveys find that those satisfied with the results perceive benefits including : -

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improved social lives as well as interpersonal relationships.
  • Increased enjoyment of leisure activities

  • Success and recognition -
    Whilst there are no clear dividing lines between the 'normal' and the 'abnormal', studies have shown that attractive people perform more successfully and are accepted more readily by other people.

  • Emotional and physical well-being -
    Thus an improved appearance has a direct positive effect on one's self-confidence/image, which in turn affects emotional and physical well-being. Imagine a beautiful new you. Paint the picture in your mind of a beautiful new you without the worry of an aspect of your body with which you are unhappy every day.

  • Happiness -
  • Whatever you're unhappy with; your face, your eyes, your neck, your nose, your breasts, your 'waist, bum and thighs', your hair (or lack of it) you'll be amazed what can now be achieved with minimum invasion and maximum results. Your happiness can be returned to you for the asking.